On lending books

Judging by the amount of heartbreak and angst that readers have on the business of lending books (listen to this awesome discussion from the Dear Book Nerd podcast), it seems that all of us readers have been victimized by the irresponsible borrowers. Just recently, I did a massive book shelf re-organization when it hit me just how many books I have lost to lending. Because many of these lent books have gone to folks I have hardly any contact with anymore, I have accepted that those books are lost forever. However, there is one, The Book Thief that is lent out to a colleague in March 2014. I really loved this book and I know it’s one of those novels I would want to re-read or perhaps even read to my future son or daughter so I know I want it back! So I have devised a plan to get this book back to my shelf, where it belongs! (Not really! I did however cooked up plausible excuses to get the book back home. I came up with the “another friend wants to borrow the book, can I have it back?”)

I’ve asked bookish friends on Instagram and it seems we’ve all been victims of the book-lending that 1. some resolved not even to lend any books at all and 2. use a templated excuse to make sure the book is returned home – no matter what.

But, why do we bear this pain, dear fellow readers? Why can’t we just go up to those borrowers and say, “Give me my book back!” So here’s what I propose. From now on, let’s not hesitate to ask for our books to be returned. No excuses. No more being nice boys and girls.

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