How do you find books? I am lucky enough to have a lot of bookish friends who recommend¬† good titles and good authors (It is not uncommon for my friends and I to greet each other with “What book are you reading now?”). Aside from recommendations from trusted friends, Goodreads is great way to find recommendations based on books that I like (it’s all algorithmic of course). I also discovered that Quora is a good source – lots of bookish folks out there. My newest discovery is Go Book Yourself, which distinguishes itself from the rest by providing recommendations made by humans. They recently featured The Book Thief, which I just finished reading. There were so many elements to the story of The Book Thief – the dichotomy of human nature, WWII from the German perspective, etc but the theme that resonated with me was the redemptive power of books and words, so thanks to Go Book Yourself, I stumbled upon this:

  The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon